Puerto Penasco s/n entre Guaymas y Mazatlan, Bahia de Kino, Sonora, 83340
Telephone: (662) 242-00-81 (US & CA: 011-52-662-242-0081)  



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Local Attractions
Close to Islandia Marina there are many attractions:

Fishing: Islandia features a boat ramp for tourists who bring their own
boat. Tourists can also hire boats to take them out to the locals favorite
fishing spots.

Alcatraz Island: Tourists can hire a boat to take them to the Alcatraz Island
located a mile off shore. At Alcatraz Island one can see sea lions, brown
pelicans, comorants, great blue herons and even the rare blue-footed booby.

Playa San Nicholas: Also accessible by boat or car is the Playa San Nicholas.
If one travels by car they pass through a cactus forest hundreds of years old.
Also enormous and beautiful sand dunes can be seen.

Seri Indian Village and Museum: The Seri Indian village is located xx miles
from Bahia de Kino. The Seri Indian are a race of tall people with finely
chisled features. They make and sell finely woven baskets that take months
and sometimes years to complete.