Puerto Penasco s/n entre Guaymas y Mazatlan, Bahia de Kino, Sonora, 83340
Telephone: (662) 242-00-81 (US & CA: 011-52-662-242-0081)  



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About Us

Islandia Marina occupies approximately 5 acres of beach front in Bahia de Kino.
Mild winters, gentle waves, and blue skies are a daily part of life here. With a perfect view of Pelican Island and tranquil beaches it is an inviting place for those who are seeking the beauty of the desert and the ocean. A small fishing village, Kino Bay offers something different than most tourist destinations. With it's small town charm, locally run shops, and traditional arts and crafts; it provides a feeling of community and welcomeness.
Islandia was founded in 1960 by Don Tiburcio Saucedo and his wife Dona Tina Gallardo. After a flood caused them to leave their ranch they moved with their five
youngest of nine children to Kino Bay. It was here that they began the first cabin and first
boat launch in Kino. It is still to this day run by the Saucedo family and offers 14 cabins and 40 r.v. trailer spaces.
Located on the Sea of Cortez and a boat ride away from Tiburon Island you can encounter an ecological haven of birds, fish and plants. The beaches are seemingly
untouched and are wonderful for beach glass and shell collecting. The desert offers bird watching as well as a never ending blue sky dropped by the mountains and saguaros.
Catching the sunset through the cactus forest is a must and waking up to the sunset over the beach is a welcoming sign that it is going to be a beautiful day.
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